Preparation of Orchid seed

Orchid seeds for sterile sowing must be prepared as follows:

- Please let the seeds fall out of the ripe seed capsules into a clean and dense bag
  which needs to remain in an opened state to allow the seeds to dry.

  The seed material may not  contain enclosing or blossom residues or other impurities.

  Dirty seed  must be cleaned  extensively afterwards, nevertheless  in most cases  the
  seed material will be  contaminated with fungi or bacteria !

- Please,  close the bags in such a way that the seeds cannot fall out. (For additional
   secure, safety the last fold with a tape!)

- Finally you must label the bag carefully.
   For correct identification of the seed material, write the following information on
   the bag or on an enclosed piece of paper:

1. Name of the orchid (genus and species)
2. Pollination date with the information whether it is a autogamy
    or a pollination with another orchid
3. Harvest date

I  refuse to sow orchid seed  without knowledge of the correct name of the orchid!

Finally,  please send in a pudded envelope

                                              - the seed and the "enclosure note"    as well as
                                              - the written order

without delay (fresh seed germinate better than old once) to my laboratory.



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